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MyConsultantCentral Promotion

MyConsultantCentral is a valuable tool for our Laboratories, and an easy way for them to locate Technical Consultants. Therefore, we make laboratories aware of this resource by promoting it across our COLA Websites and Publications.

A Consistent Survey and Predictable Accreditation Program

COLA provides the tools and educational materials needed to guide the survey process in the right direction. COLA offers –

  • Survey guidelines and Self-Assessments to seamlessly prepare for a survey
  • Experienced and approachable surveyors
  • Checklists and templates for guidance with lab management and maintaining compliance
  • Materials to help train new staff and avoid citations all year around


A web-based management tool that ensures your labs are running efficiently and maintaining compliance. COLAcentral allow you to –

  • Update lab information
  • Keep personnel information current
  • Select survey blackout dates
  • Prepare for onsite surveys with self-assessment
  • Review best practice training materials to minimize citations


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